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Macclesfield Remap Center - Performance Tuning Petrol & Diesel

Macclesfield ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning - Diesel & Petrol - Part Of LSC Garages

Engine remapping will improve the performance and economy of your vehicle!

Specialists in ECU remapping and chip tuning, Macclesfield Remapping cover Congleton, Wilmslow, Prestbury and surrounding area's.
Turbo Diesel (tdi) remapping & Petrol N/A or Turbo Engine Tuning, we can remap 95% of car's & van's on the road today with great results! Improvements to drivability, power & torque which in turn aids better fuel consumption and cleaner emmissions due to a more optimised engine managment system, the results speak for themselves!
Below is a list of current vehicles that we can do, it will also show you the before and after power gains on most vehicles.
Macclesfield Remapping has 12+ year experience within the ECU Tuning industry and offers guarenteed results! Why trust anyone else?
Ring Macclesfield Remapping for a free ECU remap quote on your vehicle now! or alternativley email me!